The Dancing Cat's cage-free environment provides previously homeless adult cats a place to wander and play. Given a chance for their authentic kitty natures to emerge, they can find wonderful forever homes, and leave the shelter behind.


The Dancing Cat's founders, Ann Chasson and Mary Rubin, and all our cat-loving volunteers invite you to meet and mingle in the company of adorable adoptable adult cats awaiting their forever homes!

A visit to The Dancing Cat may range from active and playful to cozy and quiet. Remember, cats sleep an average of 16 hours per day. If cats are snoozing, simply relax and enjoy their calming presence. If the cats are awake, you are invited to socialize, play, and join in their fun.

If there are fewer than ten cats in the room when you visit, it's because some have been adopted — a happy event! We bring new cats in to The Dancing Cat on the days that we're closed to give them a chance to adjust to their new surroundings.


The Dancing Cat first opened in May 2015 as a 4-week pop-up. The project was so popular that our doors remained open for five months. In that short time The Dancing Cat welcomed over 2000 guests and found wonderful homes for over 50 cats.  The tremendous success of The Dancing Cat pop-up demonstrated that Silicon Valley is a prime location for a permanent cat adoption lounge.

In May 2016 The Dancing Cat joined forces with Silicon Valley Pet Project to reopen its doors.  After two years we were proud to announce that the goal of sustainability has been met and as of September 1, 2018 The Dancing Cat began operations as an independent rescue organization giving adoptable cats a chance to shine in a casual and relaxed environment, thereby expanding the opportunity for adoptions, and reducing the euthanasia rate in Silicon Valley. 

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The Dancing Cat House Rules

We want The Dancing Cat to be a fun and loving experience, both for you and our cats. We ask that our human guests kindly follow some simple rules when hanging out with the cats.

  • Well being: Please sanitize your hands upon entry to the space.

  • Kindness: Best to let the cats come to you. Perhaps pick up a toy and invite play. Don't pursue cats, pick them up, or pull on tails.

  • Cat Naps: Cats love their sleep! If cats are sleeping, feel free to talk gently to them and tell them how wonderful they are, but it's best not to wake them up.

  • Cat Snacks: Do not feed the cats anything other than the official The Dancing Cat kitty food. They cannot eat human food.

  • People Snacks: You may bring in outside food and drinks. Drinks need to be in a bottle or a cup with a lid. No alcoholic beverages please.

  • Children: Some cats love kids and others are more timid. Remember that a responsible adult guest must closely supervise small children. Small children under 2 years old might not enjoy the experience as much as older children.

  • Photos: We encourage photos, but please no flash photography.

  • Phones: For the peace of mind of the cats and others, please silence your cell phone ringer and take calls outside.

  • Cat Furniture: Cat trees are for kitties-please no climbing.

  • Allergies: If you have allergies, we have Kleenex but we do not provide allergy medication.

If rules aren't respected we reserve the right to quietly ask you to leave without admission refunds.


When you book your time at The Dancing Cat, you will be asked to sign a release. An authorized individual must sign a release on behalf of minors. Remember, cats have minds of their own and can be unpredictable, therefore we can’t control everything they do especially if startled or harassed. We cannot be held liable for events that result from your interactions with the cats.

Long-term location

The Dancing Cat's Julian Street location has served us well, but the team is also willing to consider a new location. Our target area is within the boundaries of the San Jose Animal Care Center’s service area, with a primary focus on San Jose. If you know of an available retail property, please contact us. The space should be between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet, have plenty of natural light, a good HVAC system, sufficient storage, an ADA-compliant restroom, and lots of vertical space to build out cat walks.