Foster parent tips and tricks

Thank you for your interest in being a foster parent for the dancing cat.

By offering your time and care you allow us to rescue cats from the San Jose Animal Cat Center and help prepare them for adoption into their forever homes.  

As a reminder, if you work for a corporation that matches volunteer hours, please designate Karma Cat Rescue as your preferred charity.  Tax ID is 47-3356799. All donations will go directly to support The Dancing Cat.

Here is the Foster Guidelines Document for your reference.

Please fill out a cat foster survey for your cat after he or she has been with you for a week. You can always fill out another survey as you get to know your cat better!

Helpful information

Play ideas - how to engage your foster cat in play.

Playing with cats that have different motivations.

Food puzzles for cats.

Dealing with aggression in cats (Jackson Galaxy)

Cats and poisonous plants - how to make sure your cat doesn’t get sick from eating the wrong plant.

For cats that can bite or overstimulate

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding cats that bite. If a cat is trained to bite in order to communicate, or even in play, this is a cat whose adoption possibilities are immediately limited. Most adopters will not select a cat that bites, and biting cats at The Dancing Cat are problematic for us to monitor. Never use your hands or feet as playthings for your cat or kitten to bite on.

Preventing biting and scratching in kittens

How to stop kitten biting

How to stop a cat from biting

Cat aggression (Jackson Galaxy)