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Featured Cat: Errol

Errol is above and beyond the most supreme snuggler you may ever come across! With intense earnest he headbutts and diverolls into you for more pets. Love is pouring out of every furry pore of Errol to the point that you never want to leave him. Initially, Errol is a little shy in new spaces but if you engage him in play with the feather wand toy his bravery builds and builds. Errol wants to binge watch netflix with you on the weekend and tuck you in every night! Errol would be a wonderful companion animal for someone who needs a loyal and doting cat friend. Meet Errol in his foster him by filling out an application HERE.


Interested in adopting one of our cats?

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  3. Fill out our adoption application.

Q: We fell in love with a cat at The Dancing Cat, can we take her/him home today?

A. When you fall in love there is an online adoption application to fill out that will be reviewed by Silicon Valley Pet Project's adoption counselors. This may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. This allows you time to prepare your home for your new arrival. Once adoptions are approved, home delivery will be scheduled.

Q. What are the adoption procedures?

A. An on-site adoption counselor will answer any questions you might have about the cat that has caught your eye; we will make all efforts to assure the match is best for you and for the cat. Adoption forms are available for you to fill out online. Silicon Valley Pet Project reserves the right to review, approve or deny an adoption.

Q. Do you have other cats besides the ones shown here?

A. Yes!  We have many cats and kittens in our foster network.  Visit the Cat Page of Silicon Valley Pet Project's website to see the ones available for adoption.  Other cats and kittens might be in foster but not quite ready to go home yet, so check back often.

cats in foster Care with silicon valley pet project

To meet a cat in a foster home, please fill out our online adoption application.  This does not obligate you to adopt; it just gets you in our system.  We'll then connect you with our foster family so that you can coordinate a time to meet the cat. 

Cats That have found their forever homes