finding a new home for your cat or dog

Sometimes events happen that require you to find a new home for your beloved cat or dog. Make sure your pet is responsibly re-homed using the tips below.

You are the best advocate for your pet. You are the one who can best represent your cat or dog as you can tell prospective adopters your pet's wonderful qualities and their quirks. Your best bet for finding a wonderful home for your pet is to use your own network. Think of your friends, relatives, neighbors and work colleagues. In reaching out to them, also ask them to reach out to their own network of friends and families. Additional steps can include posting flyers at your veterinarian's office, at retirement communities, and at pet food stores.

Screening potential adopters

Advice from Humane Society Silicon Valley

Once you have an adopter interested, we recommend that you screen that person carefully to ensure your pet finds a loving, permanent home. Make sure to ask them for a donation to your favorite animal charity or a “re-homing” fee to help ensure that your dog or cat is in good hands. Never give your animal away for free to someone you don't know!

It is important that all human family members want a new pet, have the opportunity to meet your dog or cat, and that everyone interacts comfortably with your pet. If your pet is not comfortable with them, request another meeting. If the potential adopter rents their home, confirm they have a lease that states pets are allowed.

Other considerations are the potential adopter's lifestyle: Do they have enough time for your dog or cat? Do they have the resources to provide lifelong care? What is their previous history with pets? Can they provide as much exercise as your pet needs? What other animals are in the home and are they compatible with your pet? Do any family members have allergies or other health concerns? Don’t be afraid to ask a potential adopter for a personal reference or a reference from their veterinarian. Anyone that is prepared to care for your pet as much as you do will understand and appreciate your concern.