Thank you for expressing AN interest in becoming a volunteer for The Dancing Cat, an initiative of Silicon Valley Pet Project!

This page contains information and links regarding several of our volunteer positions.  This information is confidential and should not be shared with anyone outside of Silicon Valley Pet Project.

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On-site positions

Morning/Evening Attendant


This is a dirty job but it’s very rewarding! We need folks to come daily and clean The Dancing Cat's adoption center. You can't be afraid to get your hands dirty. You will wash food and water bowls, wipe up any spills on the furniture, clean litter boxes, and mop the floors if needed.

This can be done with a friend! The work goes faster and it's a good way to get to know other volunteers. Sign up with someone you know, or make a new friend.

Special Bonus

This is special time with the kitties as you will be first to greet and feed them in the morning and they will be so grateful to see you!

Time Commitment

Each shift is 2 hours on site at The Dancing Cat location. You can sign up for as few or as many shifts as you’d like.

Important Links

Review The Dancing Cat Volunteer Handbook.

Download cleaning information here.

Download morning attendant checklist here.

Download evening attendant checklist here.

Sign up for a shift by clicking the link below

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You will be the first point of contact to The Dancing Cat for guests and potential adopters. You will help provide an overall positive experience and a welcoming environment, greet and check in visitors, run the small retail area, and answer questions about our mission.


Customer Service skills plus on-the-job training.


Each shift is 3 hours on-site at The Dancing Cat. You can sign up for as few or as many shifts as you’d like. We also need greeters for our special events, as scheduled in advance. Special event greeters will help set up and break down the room, as required by the event.

Download the Greeter Information Sheet here.

Review The Dancing Cat Volunteer Handbook.

Sign up for a shift by clicking the link below.

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Cat Foster Parent


Responsible for the daily care of a foster animal including feeding, playtime, socialization, grooming, and, of course, providing patience, love and security. We will provide all necessary medical care and full support throughout the foster period. Any additional expenses incurred by the foster parent may be tax deductible.


To be a successful foster parent, you will need a compassionate nature, flexibility and some knowledge of animal behavior. Frequent email updates are required, and responsiveness to our team is critical to the success of our foster program. Reliable computer, internet service and transportation.

Time Commitment

This position is for cats from Dancing Cat that might need time to heal from sickness, or be given a break from the social space. We expect that the time commitment will be less than a month.

Download the Cat Foster Guidelines here.