Celebrate your birthday at The Dancing Cat!

Kids birthday at the dancing cat san jose

The Dancing Cat is available for birthday parties for kids 8 years and above. Adult parties are welcome too!

During your visit, you and your guests will enjoy exclusive access to The Dancing Cat.

A cat-themed art project facilitated by one of our volunteers is included if requested at no additional charge.

You may bring your own snacks, cake and drinks. If you want us to facilitate a project and also plan to bring in food, you should plan for two hours.

Celebrate your birthday with the coolest cats in Bay Area

For the comfort of guests and cats, the number of children is limited to eight, with the total number of guests limited to 12.

Set up and clean up by Dancing Cat volunteers.

The Dancing Cat will provide volunteers to supervise every party. We expect at least one (preferably two) adult chaperones to be present during kids' birthday parties and may request help with monitoring the kid/cat interactions.

We ask for a donation of $125 per hour for parties and private events. Payment can be made online:  we'll send you the details.  The full payment must be made within 48 hours of the party or else it will be cancelled. Parties can be rescheduled if you notify a week in advance.

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Children enjoying birthday party at the dancing cat san jose
The dancing cat - unique fun venue for kids birthday parties
Unique Birthday Party place Bay Area


  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • 10am - noon
  • Other days and times by request
  • Weekday hours available this summer


The Dancing Cat is also available for corporate team-building events, book clubs, sewing circles, art classes and other events - just ask!