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Cat care

Cat Foster Parent


Responsible for the daily care of a foster animal including feeding, playtime, socialization, grooming, and, of course, providing patience, love and security. We will provide all necessary medical care and full support throughout the foster period. Any additional expenses incurred by the foster parent may be tax deductible.


To be a successful foster parent, you will need a compassionate nature, flexibility and some knowledge of animal behavior. Frequent email updates are required, and responsiveness to our team is critical to the success of our foster program. Reliable computer, internet service and transportation.

Time Commitment

This position is for cats from Dancing Cat that might need time to heal from sickness, or be given a break from the social space. We expect that the time commitment will be less than a month.

Fill out our foster application online here.

Cat Foster Coordinator


The Foster Coordinator is the first point of contact with foster parent. You will deliver animal to the foster family, and provide initial supplies and equipment. You must respond to foster parents' questions via email or phone in a timely manner. You will work closely with other members of the foster team to assist the foster parent in all aspects of getting the animal ready for adoption or for arrival at The Dancing Cat. You will build strong and supportive relationships with foster parents to ensure open communication and encourage them to consider fostering on a regular basis. You may be involved in meet & greet with potential adopters. You will also do the initial post-adoption follow up (3 days after adoption).


Must have previous fostering experience. Customer service, organizational skills and have strong social and communication skills.

Time Commitment

8-10 hours per week

animal transport


Transport volunteers use their personal vehicles to transport animals and/or supplies (i.e. rescue pick up, chauffeuring animals to/from medical appointments). Errands/pick up donations/drop off supplies. Travel is primarily in the San Jose area. 


Must have a reliable vehicle that is licensed and insured; the vehicle must have enough space for kenneled animals. Requires a valid driver’s license.


Flexibility of schedule; 2-4 hrs/week

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