Featured Cat: Noel

Noel is a curious and interested cat looking for devotion and maybe a few treats. She has shown herself to be the ultimate lap cat in a home environment and loves a long cuddle session. She would be the perfect cat for someone who seeks connection and warmth from their furry companion. Interested in play as well, this gal has pep in her step.  Noel is currently warming laps in a foster home, for more information on her click HERE.

Interested in adopting one of our cats?

  1. Visit The Dancing Cat during our public hours or by appointment.

  2. Find your BFF (Best Feline Friend)!

  3. Fill out our adoption application.

Q: We fell in love with a cat at The Dancing Cat, can we take her/him home today?

A. When you fall in love there is an online adoption application to fill out that will be reviewed by The Dancing Cat's adoption counselors. This may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. This allows you time to prepare your home for your new arrival. Once adoptions are approved, home delivery will be scheduled.

Q. What are the adoption procedures?

A. An on-site adoption counselor will answer any questions you might have about the cat that has caught your eye; we will make all efforts to assure the match is best for you and for the cat. The Dancing Cat reserves the right to review, approve or deny an adoption.

Q. Do you have other cats besides the ones shown here?

A. Yes!  We have many cats and kittens in our foster network.  These cats and kittens might not be quite ready to go home yet, so check back often.

cats in foster Care

To meet a cat in a foster home, please fill out our online adoption application.  This does not obligate you to adopt; it just gets you in our system.  We'll then connect you with our foster family so that you can coordinate a time to meet the cat. 

We occasionally have kittens available for adoption. Kittens under 5 months old need to be paired with another kitten to aid in socialization. Contact us for details.

FIV+ Cats

From time to time we host cats that have tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (“FIV”) which causes a weakening of a cat’s immune system; [cat] is one of these special cats. Most cats that have FIV live a long, normal lives, both in quality and longevity. They just need to be monitored for infections and dental issues. If well cared for, FIV+ cats can lead normal, long, healthy, happy lives, and make wonderful family members.

The virus is not contagious except through deep bite wounds, blood, or inherited from their mother. FIV+ cats can live in multi-cat household without resident cats contracting the virus.  As their immune system can be sensitive, their health (infections and dental issues) should be monitored a little more closely than most non-FIV cats.

We are following policies laid down by national animal rescue organizations and accredited veterinary medicine universities. For more information, refer to the UC Davis FIV page and the Best Friends FIV page.

Barn Cats

Looking for help with a rodent problem? We can connect you with cats that will work for you to help keep your barn, garden or vineyard free of pests - the natural way! Contact us for details.

Cats That have found their forever homes